How to Create Unlimited Wealth with Neolife Circles

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The money you make as a salary earner or employee, is it enough to meet all your needs and desire? Would you like an opportunity that can help you become more successful in life?

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Today so many people work hard and yet they still remain poor (mind you), you are not poor because you are lazy, “NO”,it is because you lack information – OPPORTUNITY

The opportunity to work with NeolifeCircles does not disturb whatever you are doing now


Successful [Rich] people always like to try new things while the poor claim to know everything.

There is every possibility that if you can take advantage of this opportunity , you MUST become very successful[Rich]. How many of your dreams have you accomplished if you continue in what you are doing right now?

The secret of getting things done in life is to do it now

What is the meaning of POOR?

Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly. Success is a matter of choice not chance.

Are you operating in the law of poverty or the law of wealth? Let us illustrate this further with the diagram below:

cashflow quadrant

You’ll agree with me that in life, we’re all governed by laws; we have the law of Floatation, law of motion, law of gravity and so on.If you do remember the law of gravity from your basic physics,The law of gravity is no respecter of anyone, whether old or young, rich or poor. The same principle applies to the law of Finance.

The Law of Finance

This is divided into two parts:

The law of Poverty : The law of Poverty states that “if you want to be poor and remain poor, you should work all alone.
The law of Wealth: But the law of Wealth proves otherwise i.e. the law of wealth states that if you want to be wealthy and well known in the society, you should work with a group of people.This law encourages you to own a system which works for you. It is called LEVERAGE.The diagram below illustrates the power of leverage.


The quadrant was designed by a Japanese entrepreneur Named Robert T. Kiyosaki, and he stated that “ In this 21st Century, As long as you are in the labour market and you do something that brings cash into your pocket, you fall on either side of the Quadrant. So which side of the quadrant do you belong?

E stands for the Employee
For you to be gainfully employed in Nigeria, what do you need? A certificate.
Before obtaining this certificate , you must attend the primary school for 6 years,Secondary School – 6 years, Tertiary School-5 years, and the youth Service -1 year.Making a total of 18 years. If you stay outside Nigeria, you can determine that for yourself based on your country’s educational policy.But i am quite sure it isn’t much different from ours.

At the end of the whole Scenario, you’d be given your certificate to go out and look for a Job so that at the end of the Month you’d be expecting what we call “SALARY”. “A fixed salary is synonymous to a fixed life” i.e. The life of an employee is fixed to the monthly paycheck.If you earn N50,000 on a monthly basis, it will be difficult for you to live in a high -income-suburb where an average house rent is N400,000, or ride a car worth N5 million or even ride one at all. In essence, your salary determines your lifestyle!
Apart from the fact that they have a fixed salary, there are three things that GOD ALMIGHTY has given to every individual ‘free of Charge’, but as an employee you’d be deprived of 3 things.  I call them  TFC.

T=  Time;  As an Employee, you’d be deprived of your time.Some employees work almost 24 hours for their employers. Why not for yourself ?

F= Freedom  . You have to dress, talk and act the way your employer wants you to. You really do not have a choice do you, else you get the Red letter to quit.

C= Choice . As an employee, You will be deprived of your choice

NOW, Give me a name you can call someone that is deprived of the these three things (TFC) – A SLAVE

Harsh as it might sound, they are called corporate slaves. But today, they’re not called slaves, they call them CIVIL-SERVANTS.

Apart from the fact that they’re cooperate slaves, there are 3 things that are bound to happen to every employee, and I call them the 3 R (s)

The first R stands for Resign; there are numerous factors that can set you to resign from your current work.

The second R stands for Retrenchment or in other words Sack,  You can be sacked at any point in time . Companies downsize everyday as global economy takes a downturn. It has been happening and it will still keep happening.

The third R is inevitable, because if you skip the first and the second R, you can’t skip this which is Retirement. Whether you like it or not, you must retire. As long as you don’t own the company, you must give room for new talents who are ready to work independently of your old skills.

This is how the life of an average working class individual goes if he remains dependent on the Government or a Company.


S stands for Self employed/Small business Owner.

These people start up with a SHOP [Stay Here Operate Poverty]. As a good business person[ or so they think] , they try to protect their skills by making sure they do not divulge all their secrets to success to their employees. As a result, the employees cannot function fully when they are not around. They must always be present to monitor finances . They are much like the employees because they do not have much  time to move around and focus on their other dreams. Though with few choices they have no leverage. Their presence is necessary for the job to progress. No work , no Money.

B stands for a big business owner: 

A significant example is Dangote, amongst others . These people get richer based on their understanding of the power of LEVERAGE. They know how to use other people’s  MONEY, TIME AND KNOWLEDGE.As a Big business owner , it is possible for you to work 1000 hours a day!

These people have build a network that can generate income continuously, whether they are there or not. The Big business owners also have what we call the 3 D(s) Which are 1. Dreams       2. Desire         3. Determination

You Too Can Do It. That is what Neolife Circles is meant for. To help you become a big business owner from the comfort of your home.REGISTER NOW

 I  stands for Investors

These people do not work for money anymore but money works for them now.They are usually the Big business owners. The own the most shares in every stock market, they don’t just buy lands, they acquire Real Estates, set up franchises e.t.c . Things that people in the S and E quadrant cannot do.


In all, which of the described quadrants do you deserve to be in? With an opportunity to work with Neolife Circles, you can be in the B and I quadrants. Read about us and how to works  below. Some of the pages might require that you login.  REGISTER HERE if you don’t own an account yet.

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